Công ty TNHH MTV Ngôi Sao Y Tế

KEN CWD 5000 washer disinfector for carts and containers.

Washing, disinfection and drying all in one, with very economical operating costs

Machine for hospital wards

Versatile, flexible solution

KEN IWD 2211 is a new generation of washer disinfectors, available both as put-through machines and with one door. 

Efficient, large-capacity instrument washer-disinfector

Optimal hygiene, efficiency and user friendly.

Also suitable for autoclave baskets

Extra-spacious machine with limited outer measurements

KEN IWD 2314 is identical with IWD 2311, but with its extra 4 cm of depth it is also possible to wash and disinfect autoclave baskets and instrument containers at, for example, sterile centres. 

Instrument cleaner also for CSSD-departments

The flexible machine with considerable capacity

KEN IWD 521 is particularly suitable for use in sterile centres as well as in surgical and anaesthetic wards, where there is a high quality, capacity, flexibility and full process documentation requirement.

Instrument Washer Disinfector for CSSD departments

Fulfills the demand for washing 18 DIN baskets per cycle.
Big washer disinfector with sliding doors for CSSDs, surgical and anaesthetic wards.

KEN USC 5 is based on a unique combination of pulsing wash and ultrasound, which means the instruments are efficiently and gently cleaned.




 For More Rapid Sterilization

1.  Sterilant residual-free system

2.  Ergonomic design / Single-use cassette type sterilant

For More reliable Sterilization

1.   Sterilant residual-free system

2.    Ergonomic design / Single-use cassette type sterilant



For More Economic Sterilization


  1. Sterilant residual-free system

  2. Ergonomic design / Single-use cassette type sterilant

 For More Effective Sterilization

1. TFT LCD Touch Screen

2. Removable 2 Sliding Shelves

For More Advanced Sterilization

1. Wide TFT LCD Touch Screen

2. Vertical Sliding Door