Công ty TNHH MTV Ngôi Sao Y Tế

Messages to Customers

We aware that infection is one of the most dangerous risks spreading diseases and causing bad effects to humanbeing's health, and infection rate is high in patient's medical treatment due to the specific limit of space in hospital.

Mission Statement

We strive to be the leading Vietnamese name in the segment of medical equipment, supplies and consumables and medical information technology. We aim to provide a challenging enviroment for the growth, development and advancement of our staff whilst making a strong contribution to the nation‘s aim to be the premier healtcare centre in the region.

Principal Activities
  • Sale and Consulting of Medical equipments to the Center of Sterilie Supply Department
  • First class Washer Disinfectors / Sterilizers
  • Re-processing of Endoscopes
  • Anesthesia machine, ventilators,defibrillators, monitors
  • Syring pumps,volumentric infusion pumps
  • Distribution of medical consumables Biomedical test